Court Translating and Interpreting

Court Interpreting Training Workshops

If you want to work as an interpreter in Tennessee State Courts, you must be Certified (or Registered if there is no certification in your language) by the Tennessee Administrative Office of the Courts.

DON’T MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to begin the process of becoming a TN State Court Certified or Registered Interpreter!

Description of available classes:

Court Interpreting classes are available in person and via Zoom; both formats are acceptable as the first step in becoming a Tennessee State Certified Court interpreter.
Please be aware that these “orientation” workshops do NOT provide any kind of certification for you – they are the required FIRST STEP to entering into the Certification process.

In-person classes will consist of 14 hours of weekend instruction in a classroom environment and shall include a special manual containing information you need to pass the certification exams.

Zoom classes will consist of six 2.5-hour sessions on weekday evenings (Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights), with an electronic manual, breakout group-work and light homework in between classes.


Judith Kenigson Kristy

The owner and President of ATI, Judith Kenigson Kristy, is a Federal and State Certified Court Interpreter and a Certified Translator from Spanish into English and English into Spanish. Ms. Kristy works continuously with federal agencies and courts as an interpreter, translator and consultant throughout the United States. She is also a nationally-known expert in the transcription and translation of forensic recorded material, having served as an expert witness in this capacity for numerous trials throughout the USA.  Link

Court Interpreting

Learn Focused Career Skills in Weeks Instead of Years


Learn Focused Career Skills in Weeks Instead of Years

Transcription and Translation

Learn Focused Career Skills in Weeks Instead of Years

Expert Witness Testimony

Learn Focused Career Skills in Weeks Instead of Years

Conference Interpreting

Learn Focused Career Skills in Weeks Instead of Years



Judith Kenigson Kristy, USSCI, C.Trans.

•  Federal Court Certified Spanish Interpreter; State Court Certified in TN, KY, IN and MS.
• Certified Translator: English to Spanish and Spanish to English
•  Forensic Transcription and Translation (FTT) Practitioner and Expert Witness
•  Subject Matter Expert in FTT and Court Interpreter Skills and Best Practices
• Consultant and Rater for Certification Exams
•  Spanish/English Civil, Family and VORP Mediator



•  Onsite and remote interpreting for:
Federal and State Courts; depositions and mediations; attorney-client meetings and jail visits.
•  Simultaneous interpreting for multilingual conferences
•  Translation of legal, commercial and educational documents
•  Forensic Transcription and Translation (FTT) of AV recorded material
•  Expert witness testimony
•  Orientation and training for Court interpreters; TN Certification Exam preparation workshops



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